A Banal Screed

Everybody seems to be in a hurry. In a hurry to eat up the earth. Faster, faster, move faster, cars, cars, more cars, more metros, more planes, faster, faster, work faster, more, more work, work more, more hours, don’t stop, don’t sleep, connect, connect faster, faster, connect more, more vacuum, more friends, more, more likes, more shrinks, connect with more people, smarter, more smart phones, move, move, faster, to bigger, even bigger cities, erase, erase even more earth, make more, more big cities, more, more cages, more, more flats, more, more internet, more knowledge, more work, work, don’t sleep, sleep with more, more people, sleep with different, different people,

don’t judge, do yoga, sing, sing in the cities, we consume organic, sing, we car pool, we bike…

don’t judge, do yoga, sing, sing in the cities, we consume organic, sing, we car pool, we bike, sing we use CFL, we have green cities, sing we live in green flats, we are green people, sing louder we are good people, sing we want development, shout we want development, shout, shout louder there’s no other option, shout we are the metro sapiens sapiens, faster, faster, consume faster, finish, quick, finish the earth quick, consume, consume more, faster, faster, excrete faster, foul the water, spew into the sky, go for a spa, pretend your next govt will clean it, elect the govt for more development, pretend your govt will gift you a fresh earth, on your piece of nation, pretend your children will be safe, pretend all you need is a good job, flat and a loving spouse, shut the damn eyes, go for a retreat, kill, kill, faster, faster, all of them, finish them quick, sing we are vegetarian, sing we love animals, sing louder we are vegan, sing and finish them quick, convert to us, convert into us, more of us, more to us, more and more of us, faster, faster, damn it, eat the damn thing quick, faster, faster………….. Yay, we won!!!”


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