Once upon a time

Once upon a time, a magician came to a village. Under an ancient tree, in the village square, the villagers gathered as the word spread.

The magician proclaimed, “I have a magic wand.” Continue reading


Hey, you!


You are not supposed to be here. You know that. You took a wrong turn.
You should have been out of here. Out, somewhere in the wilderness. You know that.
There is nothing real here. You cannot touch anything. You cannot hold anyone here.

Your skin longs to be caressed. To be caressed by an unrelenting rain.

You are famished, you don’t know for what. You have forgotten. Why were you here?
This longing has flayed your skin. You don’t know what you have done. You know that.

In this cage, you dream of outside.
You forget, you locked the door from inside.

You are sleeping. You don’t listen. You still wake up in a dream no matter how many times you wake up.
I look at you, lovingly, from within my own dream.
You are dreaming of rain.
I smell the scent of earth in rain.
Rain, that rises from the skin of earth.
In the dream, we long for the breath of the earth to envelop us.

Outside the dream, the sun chars the earth beneath our feet, flayed by us.

We don’t wake up.

Why You Should Quit City Life: And Live off a Piece of Land

The mess we are in, doesn’t need any elaboration. Nor does the fact that begging those who derive the most power and profit from the system that works to our own detriment, as well as to that of the whole planet, to please change it, hasn’t worked. Evidently, the system runs on our sweat and cells. Instead of complaining and supporting simultaneously, I guess it would make more sense to stop feeding all our energy and intelligence that run it. Continue reading

The Rise of the Middle Finger

Embarking on the road of sexual exploration with malnourished senses, imprisoned in our respective cages in a destroyed, sterile world, is an endless pursuit. We’ll end up sexualizing everything, while still remaining deeply unfulfilled within.

A friend, though quite innocent himself, when visited and stayed for some time with indigenous people of MP, India, said he was very conscious of his gaze, lest it interfere with the innocence with which they choose not to clothe their bodies. Continue reading


“It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.” ~Jiddu Krishnamurti

They were sustaining themselves on destruction. They had to be mindless to do that.

They were destroying everything and converting it into a human mass. All the forests, all the soil, all the animals, all the fish, entrails of the earth as well. They had to be blind to do that. Continue reading